President Bush and 14 Wounded Warriors are participating in the 3rd annual W100K, a 3-day 100 kilometer mountain bike ride at Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, TX.

This is awesome, President Bush is a good man.

Anything we can do to get these warriors into the outdoors is a great thing. I see it as our obligation to help these heroes who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  As the wars wind down and these heroes come home, we cannot forget them and our duty to help. It is more important now than ever.

I can tell you from personal experience what an emotional and life-changing event it is to spend time in a blind or bass boat with these young guys and girls. To see the smiles on their faces…the tears in their eyes…to hear them talk with pride about America and their fellow troops…to hear them say they’d do it again, and that their sacrifice was worth it…  It makes you proud and gives you chills, and gives you a much-needed perspective booster on life.

Many of you have watched the past TV shows I have done with Vets. Many of you have written and told me how much you enjoyed those episodes, and how much it made you think. A lot of you smiled and cried with me as the heroes’ incredibly brave and selfless stories came together on the screen.

And so we are planning to do it again this fall. I am working with my friend Jack Hazel and the PVA Outdoor Heritage Fund to make it happen, and it will, with 2 new heroes this time. This is a great group that I am proud to work with. Make a donation if you can, or volunteer your time or land for a local vet hunt if possible.

BTW, one of the first people I told about our upcoming Vet hunt this fall was Capt. Zane Keen, who I met on this blog when he was in Iraq, and who I hunted with on Season 1 of BIG DEER TV last year. And who killed this great buck. The first line of Zane’s response: “Tell Jack I’m in, I’m driving up from North Carolina to volunteer anyway I can.” That’s the spirit of these guys I’m talking about.

group buck34

Have a great weekend.