Hopefully the blog is now back to normal as you expect it, and I plan to be blogging again with a vengeance daily. I’m told we’re still going to have to battle the spammers, who caused the problems with my site in the first place, and who continue to be a royal pain in the a–, but we’ll monitor as best we can. Thanks for your patience. Now on to the good stuff…

It’s that time of summer when bucks come out of the woodwork, showing up in fields and pastures both morning and evening, posturing and eating. If you haven’t been looking/glassing/running trail cameras yet, start right now.

va bucksTanner sent these VA bucks, which I believe are showing up in his grandmother’s backyard. He is working on her pretty hard to see if she’ll let him bow hunt one when he comes back from college on fall break. I hope she does!

md cam bucks


Blogger Danny sent these Maryland bucks and the message, which includes some very interesting information on summer buck behavior:

“Mike: Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any more pictures of that big 10 point since 7/02.  It seemed a bit odd that for the first 2 weeks with my cameras, I was only getting pictures of the big 10 and a few scrubs. Then after 7/02 I was only getting pics of does and fawns. I knew there had to be a bachelor group somewhere. We had a bad breakout of EHD 2 years ago, but none that I heard of last year.  I knew there were several smaller bucks that I had pics of last year that should have made it through the winter.  I decided to move my cameras to different spots.

Well, one camera in a new spot had over 400 pics in one week! I finally found a bachelor group, actually 2 bachelor groups. One group (smaller bucks) was coming to my camera in the morning and the other group in the evening. The picture is the evening group.

Send me your trail camera pictures as you get them, everybody loves looking at them, and I’ll never give away a big buck’s location.