truckers friend

We love tools and we need tools for what we do—clearing roads and brush, pitching deer camp, building sheds and meat-poles, tearing up stuff…

The Trucker’s Friend, an all-purpose tool designed to meet the needs of professional truck drivers, can do all this and more. This medieval-looking hand tool is a good one to keep close in your hunting rig.

Weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring 19 inches, the tool features a curved axe, hammer and nail pull, pry bar with leverage hook, chain hook and wire twist. It is quality made in the USA, with a cast-alloy steel blade and shank (rust resistant matte finish) and fiberglass handle with heavy rubber grip.

I took this tool out and swung it up and down and around and tore up some brush and beat on stuff. The tool is strong and well-balanced. Here are a few ways we hunters might use it:

-Chop, crush and drag small/midsize trees out of a road.

-Chop, drag, and leverage wood under spinning tires stuck in the mud.

-Hook, pull on and tighten tire chains.

-Chop/break thick ice.

-Hammer and/or pull nails at camp, around an ATV shed, etc.

-Twist on or off heavy wires.

-Chop kindling, hammer tent stakes.

-Split pelvis bone of deer or elk.

-General pounding, prying, hooking, chopping jobs.

I can see using it in an emergency situation, to pry or bust your way out of a trapped vehicle, or for self-defense. Hold up and swing this wicked-looking axe head around, and a poacher or trespasser will run for the hills.

The Trucker’s Friend sells for $55.95 and you can get one at Amazon.