You have a work station filled with tools and knives, but one thing probably lacking is a pair of scissors, at least quality scissors. So add these multi-purpose Smart Sizzors to your toolbox or peg board. I’ve tested them, and can say they come in handy for all sorts of odd jobs around home or camp.

Made of tempered stainless steel, blades are sharp and curved for safe, easy cutting. Good innovation #1: serrations on the lower blade keep these scissors from binding up when cutting thick, tough stuff.  Innovation #2: the adjustable tension bolt lets you keep the blades tight and cutting smoothly (no more loose, wobbly blades). The grips are good-size and comfortable for both right-handers and lefties.

Use these scissors to cut heavy cardboard, annoying blister packs, heavy fabric, rope, small wire (there’s a built-in wire stripper between the grips), etc. Add them to your knives at the skinning shed/butchering bench for added versatility. Use the scissors to safely cut and remove strips of deer hide…cut and trim meat…cut perfect-size strips of freezer paper for wrapping the venison. There’s even a bottle opener on the lower blade to crack a brew as you work.

We all dig good tools, and the $24 Smart Sizzors are a nice addition to your collection. Order here before the end of September 2013, and enter the code SEP20 at checkout for a 20% discount.