Hi Mike, this has been a weird summer with minimal big-buck photo ops. I know they’re out there, but getting them on camera has been a chore.

Today I went and retrieved my camera that had been set back on Labor Day weekend. This buck I call Fred showed up in the early part of the month in full velvet, and then showed off and on again the rest of the month up until today.

dean cam 2

Last year he was a 5X4 with main beams that swept upward and gave his rack that “rib cage” look that I think is so neat. I never saw him all last hunting season, so I know he’s a survivor.

This year…well, see for yourself. He is now is a 6×4. If I could just get that left side to “conform” to the right…wowsers!—anonymous BIG DEER blogger

dean cam 1

Awesome buck man, keep us posted on your hunt for him.