I have been reading some troubling accounts of hunters having stuff stolen: trail cameras (the number one target of thieves)…tree stands and stick ladders…even a deer decoy.

One guy wrote that on his own farm he has always left binoculars, bow holder, camo and other gear in one of his favorite ground blinds not far from his house. The other day he went back to his blind and found—no blind and no gear, somebody had stolen it all!

Another guy reported that all the memory cards from his 5 cams had been stolen—the thief left the cams, but went in and took the cards. Scary the criminal knew where the 5 cameras were scattered across the woods. He must have been watching the hunter.

I am too trusting, as I have never once thought about some scoundrel stealing my stuff. But if this is a trend, I will have to be more careful.

Is stealing in the woods indeed a trend, or these isolated cases? Have you ever had a camera or a stand or anything else ripped off? I want to know.