The province of Alberta is home to some giant bucks. Check out these 3 amazing pictures that were recently tweeted by Outdoors:

Photo #1: Buck supposedly shot in the Edmonton Bow Zone.


Photo #2: 290” sheds found in Alberta


Photo #3: This buck was reportedly found dead in Alberta in 1997 and scored 312”


Wow… As you can see, Alberta has monsters, but it’s one of the toughest places I’ve ever hunted; I’ve tried there 4 times over the years with zero success. In my experience, what makes it so tough is the pressure, with both locals and outfitters running around and hunting the same areas. The giants go nocturnal quickly. Unless you hit the peak of the rut just right in November, when the monsters might come out to chase does for a day or 2 in the daylight, it’s damn hard to see one, much less shoot one.