Sarge and Miller from the #Big Deer Hunt Team just got back from an eventful weekend in South Texas. They drove down to hunt hogs, but the pigs weren’t cooperating. Most people think hog hunting in Texas is guaranteed, but it’s not. Pigs can be tricky, often coming out into the open at or near dark, especially on a ranch where they’ve been shot at and worked on pretty good.

tx sarge snake

Anyway, the hog hunt quickly turned into a creepy combo: sheds and rattlesnakes. I got text updates throughout the weekend, which was ok for the sheds but freaky with the snakes. The final tally: 0 hogs, a dozen or so antlers and 4 ugly serpents, which they proudly displayed on my Yeti to freak me out (and make me wonder what’s inside the next time I open that cooler).

yeti w snakes

I enjoy shed and pig hunting, but after seeing these pictures, I’ll damn sure never do it in South Texas in April.

tx miller snake