Last week we talked about how to choose a deer taxidermist, and I asked you to share some of your recent mounts…

Matt sent his 2013 Kentucky archery buck; Matt is a professional photographer, and it shows, what a superb photo:

Matt's 2013 Kentucky Archery Buck

Eric submitted this doe and buck, unique and interesting:

eric mount 2

Dan sent this photo and said, My son’s deer is on his left. Mine is the smaller one:

dan mount 3

Wren submitted these photos of an old South Texas giant (note buck’s sway-back and pot belly, two sure signs of maturity) along with some good advice:

wren mount live 4

wren mount dead 4

Here is a mount done this past season and a freeze frame “photo” from video I had gotten of the buck. The taxidermist I use really likes it when I bring in “live” photos or video clips of the animal he is going to mount for me–he says it really assists him in sizing the mold to be used and coming up with a natural, lifelike pose to make the mount as realistic as possible. I think comparing the two pictures demonstrates what can be done when you spend time with the artist you are entrusting a trophy animal with.–Wren

Awesome, thanks guys for the submissions.

I add one more below, Kevin from Maine with a beautiful main-frame 8 w/stickers. I have hunted up there, and I know how hard it can be to even see a deer in some places, much less shoot a beauty like that. But hunting is not supposed to be easy, the harder it is the more you appreciate it. Can’t way to go back and hunt those Maine bucks again.

kevin maine mount