cauliflower buck found dead

Mike: I know how you like wild racks, check out this one! Have you ever seen anything like that before? Tom from Iowa

I did a little research. A QDMA post says this crazy skull was picked up in Maryland some years ago. The taxidermist that now has it said a couple of hunters had seen the buck alive, but it was “acting stupid.”

A year later the buck was found dead. Examination found that the right antler had sprouted up in a perfect cauliflower, but the left antler had grown inward, back into the skull and down into the brain pan and eye socket.

Zoologist and antler expert Dr. George Bubenik said this type of unusual growth is known as a “peruke,” from the French wig. “The rapidly growing peruke behaves like bone cancer and can erode the skull…this often leads to a brain abscess and death by infection.”

He went on to say that the cause of peruke antlers, commonly called cactus antlers, is a lack of testosterone, usually as a result of injury to a buck’s testicles.

Yes, love those wild racks!