terry in stand

My friend and expert bowhunter Terry Drury typically hangs 3 to 6 tree stands in a 100-acre block of timber. Ideally you’ll spread out those stands to cover as much woods as possible, and to have options for different winds. But don’t force that.

“If I’ve got 100 acres but only 25 of those acres are conducive to hanging stands with quiet and hidden access to and from them, I’ll do all of my hunting from maybe 3 stands set strategically around those 25 acres,” says Drury. “Most hunters naturally want to hunt and cover as many acres as they can, and in theory that is good thinking. But if you try to bull your way into tough, thick spots and hang tree stands where the access is poor or where wind is hardly ever right, you’ll blow out bucks of those spots and change their patterns and ruin your chances.”

How many stands do you typically hang in your woods each fall?