micro plot

Dr. Grant Woods has been a champion of tiny green food plots, which he calls “hidey holes,” for many years. He explained to me one time:

“A hidey-hole is a small patch of green forage hidden in the woods where deer can grab several mouthfuls of food before they move on to a larger green field or crop. I use a leaf blower to clear a spot about 20 feet x 20 feet where I see sunlight hitting the forest floor. I’ll take 10-10-10 fertilizer and sow it over the cleared spot. Next, I’ll put down some winter wheat, buck wheat, peas or any seeds that will germinate on top of the soil and produce a crop quickly after the first late-summer rain. You can plant a hidey-hole two weeks before bow season and have a great little hidden spot to hunt.”

Now is the time to think about scattering a micro plot or two around the woods you hunt. Here are more specifics on how to do it.