Somebody sent me this picture, which I said had to be a fake, nobody could load a whole darn moose on a 4-wheeler…

My Saskatchewan 4-wheeling friend Grant Kuypers (stuck in bog in bottom photo) responded. (You cannot believe the places those crazy Canadians try go with their quads):

Hello Mike: I was looking at the picture of the moose on the quad. You are right, it is something us crazy Canadians would love to try! And I think it could be legit.

When I was in Alaska one time, I was fortunate enough to drop a 61” moose that probably weighed 1,500 lbs. They had a little 300 Honda in camp. It was in rough shape, but we decided to try it out.

The bike had been back in the bush there for 7 years. It had been flipped upside down by a grizzly, and the back tires had been chewed off. The seat had also been eaten off. We flew back to town, got some fresh gas, oil, plug and 2 new tires.

The starter for some reason did not want to work (LOL) but we kept pulling it and the thing finally started and was ready to go to work.

We hauled that big moose out in 2 trips on that little 300—all the meat, cape and horns. I came home and bought 2 Hondas!

If that is a Canada moose in your picture, it probably weighs around 800 lbs., maybe less with the guts out. We have hauled 450-lb. bears on the back of our quads, plus a hunter and guide, so you would be looking at about an 800-lb. load there.

Bikes are awesome, but if you did that all the time I don’t think they would last very long, unless they were Hondas.

A Honda does have a rough ride compared to a lot of bikes, but they are tough. I run some Artic Cats and Yamahas also and love them for the good ride, but put them side by side with a Honda and the Honda will outlast them.


That is my personal opinion from years of riding and working deep in the bush. I wonder what some of your 4-wheeling BIG DEER hunters have to say?—Thanks, your friend from the North, Grant