zach huge body buck

Our friends Zach and Ellie from southern Illinois were out scouting on their farm and found a good pinch point between two ponds. “So we decided to set out a camera and this is what we got,” said Zach. “Very mature deer, his body is huge in my opinion for this early in the year.”

Yes, great deer (I’m guessing 5 1/2 w/short face and pot belly) and just the 130-class buck that millions of hunters (most hunters) should look for this season. This is your typical American buck. I can’t tell you how many 8- and 9-pointers I’ve seen that look just like this in all my travels, but it has to be thousands.

On TV you see a lot of people hunting on fancy, well-managed properties and passing bucks like this all the time. If you are lucky enough to own or lease good land and manage it, or hunt as a guest on a managed pristine tract, or pay $5,000 to hunt with an outfitter, you can do that.

But let’s keep it real. Most of America’s hunters, your typical guys and gals who work hard all year and take off a few days to hunt on public or private property where there will be a little to a lot of hunting pressure, should shoot this buck and be proud they did.

Would you shoot this buck and be happy?