VA 2014 jack great cam

A buddy sent me this cam pic awhile back w/the message: Out of velvet, it’s go time!

This is a great, mature buck for our part of the country (hell, any part of the country) and I hope my friend gets a crack at him. Also on the eve of the archery opener, would like to wish all my fellow Virginia hunters a safe and successful year. Of course I wish the same thing for all you other guys, but gotta give some special props to my boys all over the Commonwealth.

Hunting will be good to great in most areas of the state. We’ve got acorns this year (none in 2013) so the bucks will be fat, though not as visible in numbers as last year. When there is a good crop of acorns falling in the woods, deer hang back and feed and stage in the cover of trees, and are not as visible in fields in daylight hours. Wherever you hunt, remember that and plan your stands and strategy accordingly.