In buck kenny 2Mike: I watch your show all the time, and just wanted to thank you for the information on deer hunting. Last year I watched the episode “10 things to Know about the Whitetail Rut.” Well, I took your advice about hunting on November 8th, and had the most activity I’ve ever experienced in the deer woods!  I hunted every day from November 8th to the 11th 2014. I grunted, rattled and used the bleat can….and I shot the BIGGEST deer of my life! I shot him from a ground blind at 28 yards with my Hoyt Faktor 30.—Thanks and God bless, Kenny Kyte from southern Indiana

PS: I’ve already scheduled my vacation for this time of year next deer season.

Awesome Kenny, great buck and thanks for watching. The new season of BIG DEER TV (my best ever yet I think) will start airing in July 2015.