SD shed kelly 1Got this from our friend and hard-core shed hunter Kelly K. out in South Dakota: 

Mike: While shed hunting the other day, I picked up this nice 4-point, shot a couple pictures, looked over the fence and saw this!

My question is, what kind of animal could kill a buck (scored low 170s) in great shape? I watched this deer 2 weeks ago and he looked just fine to me. He was in a herd of about 192 deer, and surely there were some younger deer that would have been much easier to kill.

Notice the deer’s rib bones, which are chewed up to about 4” long in some places. I’ve seen a ton of deer killed by coyotes out here, but I don’t recall the ribs being chewed on like this. Also notice that the hide is still intact, first time I’ve seen this. All this took place in just a matter of two weeks.–KellySD shed kelly 2

I asked Kelly if there were any recent cougar sightings in the area. Or, it’s possible and perhaps likely that a pack of coyotes killed this deer.

Kelly wrote back: I don’t know, but I think I’ll start carrying a sidearm!