I got this email one time from one of the top whitetail biologists in America. He said I could use his name if I wanted to post it, but I have decided to keep it mum because there is a still small but vocal minority of crossbow haters out there, and I don’t want this man to get a bunch of hate mail. (BTW, it is not Grant Woods, whom I quote often on the blog.) The scientist wrote:

Mike: I have enjoyed your articles and posts on the use of crossbows in archery seasons over the years, and feel you have been as unbiased as possible. While the crossbow debate has lost some vigor in recent years, it can still bring out the passion on both sides of the isle.

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People ask me what I think about the crossbow from a deer manager’s point of view. In my opinion it is a short-range weapon and therefore identical to the recurve, long bow and compound bow in this regard. I believe that hunters should be allowed to use the most accurate weapon of their choice, as long as it is a short-range weapon, during any open archery season.

I would further argue that crossbows can be used more accurately than recurves, long bows or compound bows by a wider range of hunters. Therefore, crossbow use would not only likely increase hunter participation, but also simultaneously reduce per hunter crippling losses. Our resource, the nation’s white-tailed deer and other big game herds, would be better served as a result.