md danny cam buck

First cam picture of the year from our friend Danny. Send me your pictures ( as you get them so that we can watch the bucks grow along with you! I’ll keep the locations of the deer top secret if you wish:

Had the trail cams up for about a week. Got this guy to watch this year. Didn’t get any good front pics of him. But, for early June he’s showing potential.  Imagine if those brows keep growing.

Absolutely love this time of year. Had over 300 pics in 6 days. 13 different bucks. My family’s property has always been the summer range for bucks. Wish they’d stick around all season!

When my daughter saw the first pic of this guy she said, “I want that one. He’s bigger than Spike.” She’s pumped up and we are still 2 1/2 months from the season. Time for her to start practicing.

Time for us all to start practicing and get ready, thanks Danny!