synthetic scent buck fireIn Virginia, Vermont and localized areas where natural deer urine has been banned due to fears of spreading chronic wasting disease (CWD), there are synthetic scents you can use to make drag lines, doctor scrapes and otherwise try to lure in a buck. These manmade liquids, which contain no urine, are formulated to smell like deer pee and gland secretions, and hence attract both does and bucks.

Use synthetic scents the same way you’ve used hot-doe urine in the past. Manmade scents do not breakdown over time or when exposed to air like real deer urines do, so you can use the same bottle of synthetic from one year to the next.

Wildlife Research Center offers Buck-Fire, which is made to smell and work like natural estrus scent, for use with drag lines and on scent wicks hung near your stand in the rut.

Tink’s makes half a dozen synthetic scents. The two I would try in the rut are 69-X Synthetic Doe Estrous (use as you would original 69, on lines or wicks, and to moisten scrapes) and Power Buck Synthetic Urine (on wicks and in scrapes to challenge bucks in early November, during the hard pre-rut).

Code Blue makes Whitetail Synthetic Doe Estrus (smells like a hot doe for use in rut) and Synthetic Buck Gel (squeeze the easy-to-use and no-mess gel on wicks or the side of a tree, or drop gobs in real or mock scrapes to challenge bucks in the pre-rut).

You might also check out Buck Fever Synthetic Scents. Synthetic scents are all they make and sell so knock around their website to learn more.

If you hunt in Virginia, look at this as an opportunity to try something different. Most of us have never used manmade buck or doe scent; now that we’re forced to, let’s keep an open mind and try the synthetics. Who knows, they might work just as well as the real stuff.

BTW, as CDW continues to expand, and with states like Virginia banning urine and setting a big precedent, we’ll inevitably see a lot of new synthetic scents hit the market in coming years.

Will you plan to try them?