oregon desert campAll-new episode tonight on Sportsman Channel 10 ET/9C. Here are some clips from the script you’ll see and hear:

“I’m on a high desert adventure in the Oregon Outback with Big Deer producer Justin and his buddy Nick. 

“At first glance the high desert appears to be a harsh moonscape. But upon further inspection, you see pockets of water and prime habitat that support the numerous wildlife adapted to thrive here…

“Oregon’s high desert is a landscape born of fire. Beginning some 3 million years ago, a string of young volcanoes in eastern Oregon began erupting and covering large terrains with lava flows of basalt. This igneous rock…formed from the rapid cooling of lava exposed at or near the surface…rises into immense columns where muley bucks seek shade on the northern exposures.

The last day of our hunt in Oregon coincides with a unique astronomical event…a total lunar eclipse known as a “Blood Moon.” As the Earth eclipses a full moon, the direct sunlight is blocked, but the sun’s rays still light up the moon and give it a crimson glow. Justin hopes this is a cosmic portent of good fortune as he makes his last-ditch effort…

As you will see in this show, the size of the adventure matters much more to us than the size of the buck.

Tune in or set your DVR, and as always thanks for your support.