yeti deer campI vent on some pet peeves of mine:

I enjoy a cold beer or 2 after a hunt, especially around a camp fire, but I’ve got a problem with guys who drink long and hard into the night in deer camp. I know you’re on your fall vacation and doing some male bonding, but be cool. Drunks, even buddies, argue and fight. A couple of years ago I watched a soused little guy cold cock a 250-pound dude that had moved in on a spot where the skinny fellow was trying to kill a big buck. If you’re hung over you can’t hunt well, or safely. Stay out of the woods until you sober up.

Why do people throw paper cups, cake wrappers and other trash out their truck windows? If you can’t respect the outdoors and especially the place you’re hunting any more than that, stay home and trash your own property.

A couple of hours after sunrise, why do some guys have to hop on their ATVs and roar up and down logging roads and across fields, ruining it for the rest of us who are still out there (hang tough on stand till 11 a.m. or so day; you’ll see and shoot some good bucks sneaking around in the midmorning hours). There ought to be a rule—no quad riding from sunup till sundown, except for short jaunts to get dead deer back to the truck. Otherwise, walk.

If you’re a whiner—“It’s too cold” or “too hot” or “ain’t no big bucks around here anymore” or whatever, don’t hunt with me. I like to hunt with positive people.

It’s Friday and a good time to vent. Tell us your pet peeve in the deer woods.