trail camera monster mitch 1

Mitch on Facebook says: My top hit-lister “Zeus” is starting to show up during daylight… I know he is 6.5 based on history with him. I hope this is the year we get to bring him home in the truck!

Nathan emailed the unique buck below and said: Mike, love your show and website. My buddy and I picked up a new lease and had this big guy show up on camera. We call him Dagger! Is it unusual for a mature buck to show up in daylight this time of the year?

In dagger trail camera buck 2

IN dagger trail camera buck 3

It is not unheard of for bucks like these to be visible in daylight in August. Some bucks are simply not as nocturnal as others. I told Nathan that he needs to hunt Dagger asap when his bow season opens. The later we progress into fall and toward the rut, and the more a buck feels the first hint of human pressure, the more likely he is to go nocturnal overnight.

Great bucks boys, good luck!