200 buck mexicoDean posted this photo on Facebook about 2 absolute giants that are traveling together right now on El Puerto Ranch in Neuvo Leon, Mexico:

Two complete STUDS!!! One on the left pushing 200″ and probably 30-34″ wide. The one on the right well in the 180s and dwarfed by “Muy Ancho” on the left!

I have always wanted to hunt whitetails in Mexico, but I have not yet gotten up the nerve to head south of the border near Laredo. I have law enforcement friends in this region, and they me this is one of the worst crime areas on the border. As such, there are less Americans traveling down to those ranches these days, and more and more bucks are living longer, to full maturity, and growing unreal racks.

I am really struggling to decide whether or not to try hunting Mexico this winter or next. The deer are world-class, yes,  but is it worth it?