The first 2015 BIG DEER field report is in, and it comes with a fabulous picture of a fabulous buck:

WI Ed 181 buck.jpg compress

Hi Mike: Have followed your show and blog reports for years and am finally happy to say that I harvested a deer of a lifetime. My buck was shot in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, and scores 181 gross, with 23 5/8” mains, 15 points, inside spread of 20 5/8”, and only 2.5” inches of side to side difference as a main frame 12!

Truly blessed to harvest an animal of such beauty, which I shot on the 3rd day. Passed a 140” 10-point two hours into my hunt, and then shot the big buck. Thought you would like to see it.–Ed C.

Ed, congrats, this is a truly gorgeous buck, with a nice wide flair and picket-fence tines. Love that look! Great restraint and mental toughness on your part, passing on the 140” 10, most hunters could not have done that (I might not have done that). But then you can’t shoot a 181” dream buck if you burn your tag and don’t show such restraint. Very happy for you and thanks for sharing.

Remember to send me the story and picture of the big buck you shoot, or one that a friend shoots, or one that you hear about or see on another site. Let’s make the 2015 BIG DEER field reports the best ever. Good luck!