terry drury halloween

On page 86 of Giant Whitetails, a book I edited and helped write years ago with my friends Mark and Terry Drury, Terry said:

There’s something magical and mystical about bowhunting on Oct.31. I don’t know if it’s the deer gods, or the spirits, or what. But Halloween has been good to both Mark and me.”

It’s an enchanting time because bucks are prowling and scraping and venting pent-up sexual energy, but most does are still a week or longer from estrus. Next to the peak of the rut, it’s my second favorite time of the year.

Definitely hunt tomorrow, because under the influence of this waning full moon, I expect some good bucks to move in daylight, especially in the midmorning hours.

After your Halloween hunt tomorrow, come back and leave me a comment on what you saw, and hopefully what you shot.