Here’s a collection of trail camera photos I’ve received recently. Thanks to the hunters, and good luck with these BIG DEER!

south georgia 8 point

This first buck was sent to me in a private message on Twitter—the 8-pointer is a monster anywhere, and as big as they come for the southern state where he walks. Wow!

va buck lose velvet

From fellow VA hunter Kclap: This is one we’ve been watching for a couple years. Not a monster, but a cool pic losing his velvet.

scott buck camera

From longtime Big Deer Blogger Scott: I had a couple pictures of this buck back in late June and first week of July then he disappeared for 2 months. I checked my camera this past week and look who showed back up! Hope he sticks around this time, looks to be one of the biggest bucks we’ve ever had on our property.

zach trail cam 1

From Zach and Ellie, our favorite outdoor couple: Hey Mike, we thought you would like these photos. The top buck is new on our property this year and we’re pumped because he’s coming out every evening in daylight hours.

The bottom buck we’ve been monitoring on our 3G covert camera that sends pictures to your cell phone. This buck grew a lot this year; last year he was just a typical 8-pointer, but look at him now. “Let them grow” is really evident in that deer. He’s a 4 1/2 year old, and I have a question: Why do you think he looks so skinny in his legs and body? He has a good food/water source, just not sure.

zach trail cam 2

zach trail cam 3

Zach and Ellie: Buck looks healthy. It’s a fact that some mature bucks are just smaller of body and weigh less than most other bucks of the same age in any given area. Just like some people are smaller and skinner than others. I’ve shot some bucks up in Canada, for instance, that weighed 50 to 60 pounds less on the hoof than other bucks the same age—but a couple of the lightweights had bigger antlers! It’s just nature’s way, I suspect that is what’s going on with this great buck. Good luck!