KS teen ntI posted on this giant awhile back when there were no details of the kill. I said then, “I have seen some snide comments on social media that this deer might be a pen deer, but who knows, anytime somebody kills a really big buck jealous people say that. I do hope it’s wild and legit.”

Well, happy to report it is. The Wichita Eagle posted the full story. A few excerpts:

Clayton Brummer may only be 16, but he knew enough to not let a world-class non-typical buck get away on Sept. 8.

“When he stepped out of the corn, he gave me ‘the look,’ the one that tells you he’s seen you and he’s getting ready to run,” said Brummer, 16, of St. John. “I’ve hunted enough to know I only had time to hurry up and shoot.”

As the writer of the article correctly points out, for a 16-year-old, Clayton used a powerhouse of a rifle/cartridge, a .300 Ultra. Mag. “With the scope we have on it I’m comfortable out to 450 yards,” he said.

The monster stepped out of the standing corn at 30 yards and Clayton dropped him. It’s amazing to me how it often works out like that with a big deer.

Clayton told the paper, “He had such a tight rack, and so much junk on the inside he just kept looking bigger the more we looked…. We have him at 21 scorable points, but with all that velvet on it’s hard to tell what else he might have underneath.”

While a rack like this, especially strung w/velvet, is difficult to score, initial measurements put it in the range of 230 gross.

Congrats Clayton on what will surely be one of the most amazing bucks of 2015, if not the top buck shot in America.