texas bucks lockedHi Mike: On November 9th of 2014, while hunting on my lease in East Texas, I stumbled upon these two bucks locked together. They had suffered a horrible fate and had just succumbed to their death.  It appears that the coyotes played a part in their death as well.  It was tragic indeed, but had a bitter sweet ending.

I was fortunate to find them on a very cool morning and just hours after they had passed.  Unbelievably, I was able to have them mounted (after gaining permission from a Texas Game Warden to take possession of them) using their original hides and antlers…..no add ons.

I consider myself very lucky to have found them, and I believe this to be a once in a lifetime situation. They may not be the biggest bucks in the woods, but they are certainly a trophy to me.  Certainly their death was a tragic fate of Mother Nature, but a bitter sweet ending. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Jason Smalley

We have some amazing and big-thinking hunters here on the blog, and I appreciate that. Jason, these bucks are trophies indeed, thanks for sharing. And the mount looks fantastic!