Bj and Todd clement 181 ks buck

One December day in Kansas, veteran bowhunters  B.J. Clement and his son, Todd, dug mock scrapes and laid scent trails with both estrus doe and dominant buck urine through a thick area where they knew some good bucks typically hung out.

“When my dad went in to bowhunt his ground blind on the next Saturday afternoon a buck had torn the place to pieces with huge rubs and scrapes,” Todd said.

Later that evening a big buck started for B.J.’s blind, but the deer spotted a doe and took off after her. Bummer. But 30 minutes later, B.J saw the buck again. He rubbed a hedge tree, and then walked close.  B.J. fired a perfect arrow. The 12-pointer (picture above) netted 182.

The takeaway: That Kansas monster was still rutting, checking does and rubbing trees. The Clements’ doe/buck scent strategy, which created the illusion of a late breeding zone, caused the big deer to hang in the area until B.J finally got him.

Try juicing your woods with deer scent these last few weeks.