pa nunFrom A photo on the Erie Catholic Diocese’s Facebook page is attracting a lot of attention. It’s been viewed more than a million times. Sister John Paul Bauer, a teacher at Elk County Catholic High School in St. Mary’s, PA shot the 10-point buck.

Sister John Paul says she’s amazed at the attention she’s gotten.

“In St. Marys, this is what you do. You go hunting. Everybody goes hunting — the coach, myself, the students,” Bauer said.

As the story goes, Sister John Paul prayed the Rosary as she waited in her tree stand. About 3 hours later, some does appeared, followed by 2 bucks. Sister John Paul shot the larger one, a 10-pointer.

Blue collar, white collar, men, women, old, young and now a nun…The diversity of people who share our deer-hunting obsession never ceases to amaze me.