saask wolf 1Got this field report on Christmas day from my friend Brandon Schreiber, who lives in central Saskatchewan and operates Buck Country Outfitters, an outfit I will be hunting with this fall. Brandon wrote:

I had an epic day fulfilling one of my dreams, to harvest a wolf. Anyone who has pursued wolves knows how smart they are and what it takes to connect on these animals.

I wanted to know more, so I asked my friend to elaborate…

The only way to harvest wolves in Saskatchewan is to obtain a fur license and either trap them or shoot them. I have had my fur license since I was 12 years old, and my dad taught me a lot about trapping and ways to place your sets to be inconspicuous in the woods. 

I have found the wolf to be by far the hardest animal to trap. I have been after them for years and these are the first 2 I have ever connected on.

I was able to trap in part of my deer hunting area, so I focused on a place where I knew wolves traveled through, as sometimes we see them on our cam trackers during deer season. I set some small pieces of beaver around the area where I had placed a few leg hold traps. When I returned after setting them I had both wolves caught in the set!

It was one of my most rewarding times in the wild, after spending countless hours, days, weeks and even years trying to catch a wolf, with many close calls and always enough sign to keep you interested. 

The best part is knowing I have helped our deer (and moose) population by having taken out 2 of the predators. The male wolf was big and weighed about 150 pounds, the female about 100 pounds.

A great Christmas Day present and an amazing way to end my 2015 year.—Brandon

I have known Brandon for many years, since he was a kid just starting out in the outfitting business. This guy spends a lot of time out in the wild up there, hunting, shed hunting, trapping, 4-wheeling and just roaming around. Great to see him doing well in the hunting and fishing business.

Thanks buddy for this amazing story, see you in deer camp in November.

sask wolf 2