SD shed 1

Shed nut Kelly from South Dakota reports from his last 2 weekends, during which he walked 43 miles, give or take: 

Went to a new place two weekends ago, northwest SD. Logged 16 miles Saturday and about 7 Sunday for a total of 23 miles. I picked 18 on Sat. and 4 on Sun., almost one antler per mile. In the picture above you can actually see where the shed dropped through the snow, pretty neat.

SD shed 2

Another long walk last weekend turned up 29 more antlers. With deep snow piles gone the grass is laid flat, and old antlers missed from last year show up. Found about 50% fresh antlers and 50% old last weekend, including 4 nice ones and one good set.

Last weekend blogger Curt from VA went hunting and found these sheds that he laid out on his truck bed. The big ones are nice, sure, but love that matching set of spikes! Cool find, those little antlers are tough to see.

va curt sheds

Hit the woods, hike for exercise and send us your shed reports/pictures when you’re done.