VA eagle

America’s state wildlife biologists are underpaid and underappreciated, and they have to put up with a lot of politics, bureaucracy and other BS, but they do great work, not only for deer but for all game and non-game animals and birds.

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Facebook:

District biologist Pete Acker rescued this bald eagle that had been struck by a vehicle (recently) in Surry County. He says, “Quickly I found the mature bald eagle could not fly but was still very nimble on the ground. I was able to capture it without further injury and transport it to a local rehabilitator, Smithfield Animal Hospital. They stabilized the bird and arranged to transport it to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

At the center the patient, got a name: Bald Eagle #16-0028. She was checked in, examined by staff and weighed in at 12.76 pounds, the largest eagle ever admitted to the facility.

va eagle x ray

Radiographs confirmed multiple fractures of the bird’s left ulna (wing).  Doctors took the eagle to surgery on January 30 in hopes of repairing it. Sadly, #16-0028 went into cardiac arrest and died on the table.

It didn’t work out this time, but there are more success stories than failures in the wildlife rehab business.

I understand that there are some anti-hunting people in this line of work, but for the most part the biologists, doctors, clinic staff and other rehabilitators do a great job for America’s animals and birds, and they deserve our support and respect.