sd shed

Kelly K. from South Dakota walked another 15-20 miles last weekend and filed this report:

Mike: Another weekend of shedding turned up 15, including three great horns for the effort. The weekend was sunshine (which I hate) and very warm, 98% of snow is gone so I am covering some of the same land I have walked before. I am always amazed at what you miss!

I have picked 5 horns into the 70-inch-plus mark so far but cannot match any of them for a set, but still looking.—Kelly

Great tip from Kelly: “Shed hunting is no different than deer hunting, put in a bunch of time finding where the deer groups are right now, and wait until the time is right. Once the bucks drop and the horns are on the ground, you will have a great chance of finding sheds because you already know where to search.”

montana shed girls

Our buddy Luke Strommen of the Big Deer Hunt Team is out hunting bone along the Milk River in Montana, and this year he’s not alone, but taking his girls. He snapped the picture above; might be the most adorable little shed hunter in America.

Good luck this weekend, let us know how you do.