crazy mt buck

Perfect for a spring or summer Friday night, these deer brats are amazing:

Shoot deer. Gut deer. Transport deer to processor and have brats made. (These jalapeno cheese brats came from the buck I shot in the Crazy Mountains of Montana last November, and were made by H&H Meats in Missoula, though a deer you shoot and gut anywhere will do.)


Simmer thawed brats in mixture of half-water, half-beer for 20-25 minutes. Do not boil brats, just a low, slow simmer on medium heat. Roll brats occasionally.

As brats simmer, sip remainder of leftover beer. Heat gas grill and chill one more beer.


After 25 minutes, remove brats from stove and drain water/beer mix. Reduce grill to medium-low. Add brats and grill, covered, for 6-8 minutes.

Remove from grill, serve with mustard on a paper plate, add a few side veggies (optional) and enjoy (no bun, low-carb). Crack second beer. These amazing brats deserve to be washed down with your favorite brew.