iowa hit by carWe first posted on this monster last December when this photo montage was blowing up on social media. Speculation was the rack would score 200, maybe as high as 206.

Although there is still not as much information as you would think on this giant, the head did make an appearance at the 2016 Iowa Deer Classic, where it took home top honors in the “Most Unique” category. The buck, known as “Titan” to the locals who had seen him, was found dead near Knoxville, Iowa. The head was entered into the classic by Carol Tompkins. Score 195 1/8, with exceptional mass, so not far off the speculation.

No doubt there are trail-camera photos of Titan out there—if anybody has one please send to me so I can share it! Bet the people who were hunting that giant cried the day they heard of his unfortunate demise.

iowa titan