buck tail mountBruce saw our post on deer skull mounts and sent a cool one with a twist:

Hi Mike: I thought I would send in a unique and innovative mount that we did for my son Quinn. He shot a button buck that actually won the “Big Buck Award” for our deer camp last season.  While he was disappointed he couldn’t get a shot on several nice 8 pointers that he saw, he did come away with his first deer under his belt.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on his design to show off his big buck! Plus, it looks great with the Big Deer hat you signed for him.–Bruce Bennett

Looks great Quinn! First buck, awesome buddy, here’s to many more.


skull rory OK

Rory Tweeted me this picture after reading about those state skull hanger mounts. I assume he made those plaques himself. Oklahoma bow bucks, nice work!