grant woodsIf your archery deer season opens October 1 try this.

Dr. Grant Woods, one of the top whitetail experts in America, is a believer in tiny green food plots, which he calls “hidey holes.”

“A hidey-hole is a small patch of green forage that you develop and hide in the woods, where deer can grab several mouthfuls of food before they move on to a larger green field or acorn flat.”

Locate a little open spot in a high-traffic area: optimally along a trail that deer are using regularly right now in the evening. Then go to work.

“I simply use a leaf blower to clear a spot about 20 feet x 20 feet where I can see sunlight hitting the forest floor,” says Grant. (Don’t run the blower for an hour, but just a little noise won’t spook the deer. They hear people working all the time.)

“Then spread some 10-10-10 fertilizer over the cleared spot. Next, broadcast some winter wheat, buck wheat, peas or any seeds that will germinate on top of the soil and produce a crop quickly after the first rain.  Watch the weather and plant strategically before the next rain.”

Now is the time, because you can plant a hidey-hole two weeks before bow season and, if you get some rain, have a great little green spot to hang a stand and hunt for a few days in October.

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