NC woman 175 buckSeptember 14, 2016 is a hunting day Carla Inman won’t soon forget.

As reports: Carla…set up with her crossbow in a small ground blind looking down a shooting lane…in the middle of an overgrown cutover. After sitting quietly for 45 minutes…”a buck stepped out into the lane and started walking right straight to me,” she said.

Carla fired the bolt when the buck was 20 yards away, and she heard him crash. But I really wasn’t sure how big he actually was… It all happened so fast.

Now the story gets really interesting.

She reloaded her crossbow and waited. (Note: There is no daily bag limit on deer in NC.) As Jeff Burleson wrote, Minutes later, another buck stepped out in her lane, and this one also carried a head full of antlers. She put the crosshairs on him and let fly.

Carla’s husband, Dean, and a friend showed up, and they started tracking the bucks. They found the first buck first, which turned out to be a 175-class freak with 3 beams. Dean yelled, Do you realize how big this buck is? This will be one of the biggest bucks to come out of the state this year!

They then found Carla’s second deer, a small 8-pointer, his rack still cloaked in velvet.

NC woman velvet buck

Let’s see, one of the biggest non-typical bucks that will be shot in NC this season…a second unique velvet trophy…a freezer already  crammed and overflowing with fresh red meat protein… What a way to kick off 2016, way to go Carla!