skull hang 1I always get taxidermists to do my European mounts with no plaque. They look better and more natural with just skull and antlers, nice for setting in a corner, on a shelf, on a coffee table… Besides, I have never seen a wooden or steel wall skull mount that I like, until now.

The State Skull Hanger from The Taxidermists’ Woodshop is a pretty cool idea. Pick the state where you killed the buck, and order that state’s hanger to display the skull/antlers on your wall.

The 10” steel hangers come with a flat black finish (other finishes available). Screw hanger to the wall and slip the skull down on the peg hanger. I have not used or purchased one of these, so I cannot tell you how sturdy and secure the peg is, though it looks to me like it will work fine with a whitetail rack. You can also use it to hang a bear or cougar skull on the wall.

Great price at $19.50 plus shipping; usually ships in 5 days.

skull 2

What do you think? I can envision you hanging 3 skulls from your home state in a pattern on the den wall…or really cool, say you have 5 skulls lying around from bucks you shot in 5 different states; hang those state skull racks in a row behind the bar in your basement for around $100.

I think that some of you will read this and order one or two. If you do, hang those skulls and send me a picture so I can do a follow-up post.