va cactus buck 2017From North American Whitetail: Look at this crazy buck (2017 season) taken by John Linens in Ringgold VA, using a Tenpoint crossbow with Rage broadheads.

So what’s up with John’s buck?

Scientists explain that a buck like this, which is extremely rare, has “cryptoridism.” This condition can result from a birth defect or disease that causes a buck’s testicles (one or both) not to drop normally. Or, at some point in his life a buck may injure his privates, say jumping a wire fence (ouch).

A cryptorid buck doesn’t engage in the seasonal rituals of a normal whitetail buck; he lacks the chemical stimulation to rub, scrape or express dominance or individualism. His neck doesn’t swell and he doesn’t breed.

This type buck never sheds his antlers, which remain in velvet year-round. The fuzzy antlers can continue to grow over and around the old antlers as the animal matures. Older-age-class cryptorchids can grow to become true freaks, known as “cactus bucks.”

John’s amazing deer is a prime example of that, great trophy man!