iowa shedTyler Knott of Iowa is still shed hunting, and he just found this 72 6/8” left side.

The late spring of 2018 has the woods still brown and open, with “green up” still a good week or two away. Conditions are great for one last day or two of shed hunting in an around bedding areas.

Hit the woods, find a deer trail and follow it until you come to a thick and obvious area where deer stage and/or bed. Back in the fall hunting season you would have stopped, tested the wind and worked the outer fringes of such a sanctuary so as not to spook any deer. But now, plow right in.

Go slow and look close for brown or white bones. If you hit 3 or 4 good bedding sites one day this week, I bet you’ll find one or 2, and maybe a big one.

While you’re at it, note the rub lines, old scrapes and trails you’ll probably find in and around the cover. Get an idea of the easiest and best-hidden routes a mature buck uses to enter and exit the cover according to various winds. That intel will help when you come back to hunt the area this fall.