ohio gary nov 8 2018

Great guest blog from Ohio hunter Gary Bendele:

November 8, 2018 is a day I will never forget.

It started out like so many other November days, as I spotted deer cruising fence lines and creek bottoms in Fayette County, Ohio.

I saw a little buck cruising a fence about 3/8 of a mile away. I wanted to know exactly which deer this was, so I grunted and rattled at him. It was dead calm and the rattling caught his attention right away.

As the buck started coming my way, a huge buck stepped out of the timber and seemed mad that the little buck was there. He postured up and started out toward the inferior buck. I video my own hunts so I was just content on getting some nice footage. All of the sudden the Triple Brow Buck was pushing the little buck down the creek right toward me!

Two days before I had missed a 150s 10-point, so I told myself calm down and make it count this time. The little buck passed and I ranged him at 14 yards. I clipped my release on and waited, but not for long.

Triple Brow was trying to catch up with the little buck and passed by at 7 yards! My shot was right on. To my amazement, the big buck turned and walked super slowly to 63 yards and just stood there. I could see he was hit well, so I elected not to shoot again. He walked 30 more yards and bedded down.

I thanked God and turned the camera off. I sat in my stand and texted my buddy Frank Justice, who said he would take off work to help me get him out. I didn’t walk out to the deer, but waited on Frank.

ohio gary

When we finally walked up on Triple Brow, there was no ground shrinkage! I realized which deer this was right away–I had night trail camera pics of this buck for the last couple years, but no daylight sightings or pictures.

Boy had I misjudged him. Every picture I had of the buck, he was right on top of the camera–I could see the brow tines but I didn’t realize how big he was. He’s a 14-pointer that grosses in the 180s and will net in the 170 range. My first Booner and a lifelong dream for me.

I am so glad I missed that 10 point a couple days before. I would rather be lucky than good!

Thanks to Frank and everyone that had a hand in this harvest and recovery. And thanks for your Big Deer site.–Gary Bendele

P.S You did an article on me and the “Ghost Buck” in 2015. Triple Brow came off the same farm and from the same tree, it’s been a good one for me.