alb mystery 1This is the first picture I saw months ago of a mystery buck/rack that was supposedly shot last November by a female hunter in the Peace River area of Alberta.

You know how enthralled and obsessed I am by dark, thick Canadian racks, especially one that I know will go 200-plus, so I investigated.

It took some digging but I finally caught up with @tiffcheryl on Instagram. “That’s my buck in case you’re wondering!” she posted me back.

All the initial info I had seen proved true. The giant was indeed shot by a lady in Alberta last November 12.

alberta mystery 3

Then I was able to study the official score sheet and see just how massive this buck is!

14 points on right antler, 10 on left

42 inches of total mass

MOST AWESOME: 27 5/8” length of right beam, 27” left beam (just 5/8” deduction)


This is one of the top bucks shot anywhere in North America in 2018, way to go @tiffcheryl!

alb mystery 2