From WILX: Joe Thompson is a Navy veteran and has spent a majority his 54 years…hunting because for him, deer hunting isn’t just a season, it’s a year-round process (and passion).

But this past year, deer season hasn’t been on Thompson’s mind. (His) wife, Shirley, suffers from multiple sclerosis and needs full time care after a major fall last year.

Joe takes care of her 24/7 and even helps do her make up.

Joe hopes to have a little spare time this fall, and he’s looking for some private land near home where he could go out and hunt a few hours at a time.

“If I could find someplace to hunt in the Charlotte area where it’s not a long way for me to drive and get out into the stand so I could still hunt and take care of my wife,” said Thompson. “That would be ideal.”

Joe is reaching out to local landowners, and I’m here to help. If you or anyone you know lives in the Charlotte, Michigan area and owns some woods, please consider helping this man out.

“I’m looking for someone who used to hunt, but doesn’t hunt anymore that still has some property and wouldn’t mind if I came out,” Joe says. “I would 100% respect their wishes and rules.”

Wife Shirley would love nothing more than to see Joe hunt for his buck this fall.

“He deserves it,” Shirley told WILX. “From morning until night, he’s taking care of me, my mom and our three dogs….he’s wonderful.”

Joe is hoping to hunt on private land within 45 miles of Charlotte. If you or anyone you know can help this hunter and veteran out, please let email him at:

And please let me know if you can help. These are the kind of good people and genuine hunters we love at BIG DEER TV. We might even come up and visit with Joe and Shirley, and film Joe shooting his buck.