This fall I’ll be heading out to northeast Oklahoma, to a ranch I’ve never hunted before, to film an episode of BIG DEER TV. I was happy to read this report from the Oklahoma Dept. Of Wildlife. While I do not take this report to say it will be a banner year, it should be a good one:

Oklahoma deer hunters have reason for optimism, and big game biologist Dallas Barber said habitat will have a big effect on the herd.

“Just like the last few years, we have really been blessed with timely rains. These have really helped keep habitat looking good across most of the state,” he said.

“As habitat continues to improve, deer populations also continue to grow.”

However, Barber is hopeful that the number of does harvested during the coming deer season will increase compared to the harvests of the past few years.

Last season hunters killed 39,409 does as compared to 69,851 bucks. The 36% doe harvest was well short of the 40-45 percent target range.

“Doe harvest is critical to keeping a herd healthy,” he said. “It’s again time for Oklahoma hunters to meet the challenge to let young bucks grow and take a doe.”

Hopefully our crew will help out by tagging a couple of mature does, after we shoot a couple of good bucks!