Here is a tip of the day you might never have thought about:

Whenever you set a tree stand for bowhunting, scan the ground around it out to 50 yards or so, and look for a good-size log, brushy treetop or similar barrier that might block a buck from walking within 30 yards of your stand on natural movement. It amazes me how many hunters fail to do this. They end up sitting and watching deer after deer skirt a log or treetop and veer 10 to 30 yards away from their stand, and out of bow range.

If you’re able, drag a log or fallen tree away from the area and stash it 80 yards or so downwind. Better yet, if you’ve got an ATV or tractor handy, use a tow strap to move a big log or tree well away from your stand.

Some people say you can leave or even move a big tree or brush top closer to your stand to funnel a deer in for a shot. Forget that, hardly ever works. You want a buck to come ambling in on natural movement, and the best way to do that is to give him a clean path right under your setup.