When bowhunting large cut corn or alfalfa fields, I often have a buddy drive a truck or ATV through the field and drop me off and pick me up after dark as close as possible to my tree stand. If deer are out in the field or close by in the surrounding woods, they obviously run off, just as they would any normal day when a rancher or farmer drives by. They are used to farm vehicles.

I have my driver park and idle right there until I slip out and climb up into my stand. When he drives off, deer will eventually pop back out into or near the field like nothing ever happened.

With some setups hard on the edge of a field, I’ve literally stepped out of a truck and onto the steps that lead up to my stand. How’s that for leaving no human scent on the ground! It’s better to have deer run from a truck they are used to rather than have them spook from your hulking silhouette as you walk into or out from a stand.