There were lots of big deer shot across North America in the fall of 2021, but this little story from Torrey, Virginia tops them all.

Virginia “Gin” Dunning went out one day during the early antlerless season last September and shot a fat old doe for the freezer. Look at the picture, Gin made a perfect high shoulder shot. My favorite shot, I’m pretty sure that deer dropped on the spot.

This would not be a remarkable feat save for the fact that the Virginia huntress is 94 years young!

Gin’s daughter, Betty, who was along on the hunt, says her mom has killed 30 deer over the past 50 years, most of them bucks. But she was absolutely thrilled with the doe. “She told everyone she called, ‘I am 94 and I’ve still got it!’” said Betty.

Gin, an avid outdoorswoman, also loves to fish and hunt turkeys in the spring.